Open Call for Betas!

Want to be involved with the creative process?  Do you like to read the latest novel even before it’s been released?  Perhaps you have a knack for seeing plot-holes, grammatical inconsistencies, technical blunders–that sort of thing?  Well, Jon has put out an open call for Betas, and you might be the next one!

Betas assist with forging new plots for established characters, monitor and sometimes manage forums, propose ideas for cover-art, and much, much more.  Every author depends on Betas to help with bringing a book home, submitted to publishers, and seeing it in the store.

What does a Beta get for this?  Well, not very much, aside from the undying appreciation of the author, the inside scoop on new creatives, advanced copies of novels before they are available to the general public, and so on.  No author stands alone, and that includes Jon.

If you are interested in becoming one of Jon’s Betas, just use the Contact form, and let us know you would like to be considered!

Contact Form

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