Lexicon Chase and the Riddle Song Takes Bronze

On September 1st, Jonathan Fore heard a very odd rumor…  Lexicon Chase and the Riddle won an international novel award for Children – Social Issues in the Reader’s Favorite International Novel Award literary contest.  Not only was this a great surprise, being that whole International Award Winning Novelist thing, but it landed in the exact space we were trying to hit, Childrens’ Social Issues.

As the readers of Lexicon Chase and the Kingdom of Everhope know, Lexicon Chase (our heroine) is plagued by bullies from all corners of her high school.  This is pretty much a norm growing up.  Most of us have had to face bullies at one time or another.  Some of us have been, perhaps, bullies ourselves?  Setting aside the thing where this is part of growing up, part of learning how to socialize with others, and finding our own self-worth, in today’s world of smartphones, and the simplistic venue of distribution called the internet and social media, teens today have it pretty hard.

This is one of the primary reasons I wrote the series–not to address, but to help bring the problem to light.  This makes the award all the more meaningful… all the more impactful.

Anyway, I am happy to have won the award, and it is an honor.  I thank all the folks involved with the creation of the Everhope series, and the fine people at Readers’ Favorite for the opportunity.



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